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Giving Back

Improving the community around Belfast Waterside

When working with the local community groups, Osborne+Co recognised the potential for job creation and the possibility for positive social change as a result of developing Belfast Waterside. We were part of establishing a cross-community steering committee with the support of the Belfast city council to harness this opportunity.

Boosting local employment opportunities

We reached out to a number of stakeholders, including councillors and city council leadership, to seek guidance through a round table forum to collaboratively agree on leveraging support or joint delivery. Before onsite commencement, we are funding the Waterside site for various uses dedicated to giving back to the community through an annual festival highlighting a shared community of local businesses, promoting local talent and skills, and vocational workshops.

We will establish a long-term Social Impact Working Group, an autonomous organisation, to support our continued initiative that extends beyond this development. Our core mission is to improve the prospects of disadvantaged young people in the area by offering mental health support, job skills training and opportunities for better outcomes

Some of our giving back projects

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