Belfast Waterside

Belfast, United Kingdom

Osborne+Co acquired the site formerly known as the ‘Sirocco Site’ in Belfast. The site, at 16 acres, can accommodate up to 1.75m sq ft of mixed-use development and will be the largest single development ever delivered in Northern Ireland.

A state-of-the-art technology hub offering competitive office space for local start-ups, supported by local universities as an Innovation Hub.

The site, when developed, will be Belfast’s premier live/work/play destination and form Belfast’s newest and most exciting quarter.

Osborne+Co acquired the site with partners the St. Francis Group and Graftongate. From a site with no planning permission, we have secured outline planning permission for the entire and detailed permission for certain buildings within the scheme. Construction commenced on site in 2020.

Project summary

GDV: £500m

Project type: Mixed-used development

Total sq footage: 1,750,000 ft2

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Health and wellbeing benefits

Belfast Waterside will bring a derelict 16-acre site back into use. For the last 150 years, there has been no public access to the site. It is a physical blockage for anyone looking to move between the city centre and East Belfast. Our master plan will hugely enhance the Belfast city centre by reconnecting it with the communities in East Belfast. The master plan will also bring life to the riverfront, a completely unutilised amenity at present.

Belfast Waterside will provide a dynamic promenade supporting waterside activities, and cultural events as well as cafes and restaurants. The riverfront is a year-round destination. All of this comes from an understanding of the issues presented by the derelict site and how to harness the potential to improve the lives, health and well-being of residents.

Social value projects as part of the development

When working with the local community groups Osborne+Co recognised the potential for job creation and the possibility for positive social change as a result of developing Belfast Waterside. To harness this, a cross-community steering committee has been established with the support of the Belfast city council.

The Sirocco Waterside Development Group will firstly work with Osborne+Co to increase access to training and employment opportunities for the local community groups and secondly set up a social enterprise operation to provide key services to the management company for the completed development. These would include, but not be limited to security and access management, cleaning, grounds maintenance, window cleaning, and car park management.

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