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Osborne+Co has secured or delivered over 10m sq ft of build-to-suit developments across the globe for the worlds largest sector-leading companies.

We work with occupiers either on sites that we own or in new markets to identify and deliver the optimum real estate outcome for their business. We also take a dynamic and entrepreneurial approach to occupiers footprints, often conceiving of and putting forward proposals to house expansion, provide growth space for acquisition or rationalising and right sizing their real estate.

We work in partnership with local co-developers or investors in many markets, allowing us to be the global guarantor of product, quality and performance with the local insight and skills needed to deliver a project successfully. We call this global best practice, deep local expertise.

We believe we occupy a unique place at the intersection of

We are well funded and provide, as a partner, true ownership and alignment. The principals and investors of Osborne+Co are involved in all day to day decision-making.

We have deep relationships of trust with our occupier partners and have built these over 20 years of successful collaboration.

Our focus is always on delivering best value and unlocking upside for our partners without compromise to quality or integrity.

We believe combining global best practice with deep local expertise in one highly integrated and aligned platform is the only way to consistently deliver excellence to our tenant partners’ exacting standards.

We create far more, for far less

First and foremost, we work to create and develop buildings that truly meet our occupier partners business needs.

We believe firmly in earning a fair profit. We start from the approach of trying to set our rents as conservatively as possible whilst still achieving this.

Our Build-To-Suit model

  • Global reach with local knowledge
  • Intelligent analysis of existing portfolios
  • Ability to be site neutral
  • Procurement friendly approach
  • Fully fitted buildings
  • Shared upside

We create highly efficient, lean and sustainable buildings ultimately to reduce occupancy costs and create long term cost certainty. We design our buildings in complete collaboration with our occupier partners.

We start with our occupiers requirement and work to understand their commercial, locational, technical and workplace/experience aspirations.

We can support this collaborative process through years of experience and in particular evolution and innovation learned during Covid-19 where we were on-site with almost 2m sq ft of build to suit projects.

Our aim is to create value through relocation, consolidation, restructuring and rationalisation opportunities. We will invest speculatively in the creation of these opportunities and if successful, will invest meaningfully in the development.

Whilst we own and control sites across our footprint, we can be site neutral in our approach, working in new markets or within an occupier’s footprint.

We work with the occupier to develop the optimum solution and find the site that best supports it.

We never expect or secure an exclusive position with occupiers and expect to compete in an open and transparent way.

Track record highlights include:

Innovative workplace design

Grade-A office space

Osborne+Co is committed to providing the best-in-class office space and building facilities, adopting efficient layouts, quality materials and the latest technological innovations.

Operational efficiency

Our approach and commitment to developing green real estate to BREEAM Excellent and LEED Gold standards (EPC A) mean that our commercial occupiers typically benefit from up to a 20% reduction in operating costs as they are more energy-efficient.

Inspirational placemaking

On a local level, our vision is to create inspiring, placemaking destinations by transforming derelict sites into attractive locations for community hubs, flexible working, modern living and retail spaces.

What we bring into Build-To-Suit developments

Risk free delivery

Total transfer of risk

Global seal of quality

Committed to delivering at the agreed quality globally

Construction expertise

Deep construction expertise and understanding of specification

Global experience

Deep global experience, particularly emerging markets

Local guarantor of quality

Act as local facilitator of quality and value & guarantor of completion

Bringing resources

Can bring considerable resources – both people and capital to create solutions

Ability to drive value

We can drive value and quality for our investors

Fair returns

Committed to fair returns globally, to create best possible solution for occupiers


Innovative ideas through global experience and exposure, can create ideas not ‘in the market’

Some of our build-to-suit projects