JPMorgan Chase European Technology Hub

Glasgow, Scotland

A purpose-built development, designed in complete collaboration with JPMC, will become one of the five global Tech Hubs that JPMC operates when completed.

Osborne+Co acquired the site with no planning and secured listed-building demolition consent. In collaboration with JPMC and the city, we designed and secured permission for the best possible building that optimises the outcome for the developer, occupier and the modern metropolis.

The building comprises over 270,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art flexible space with a priority on wellbeing. It will allow JPMC to consolidate all other existing areas in other buildings into one bespoke formation designed by JPMC for JPMC.

Project summary

GDV: £160m

Project type: European technology hub

Total sq footage: 270,000 ft2

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Health and wellbeing benefits

  • End-to-end wellbeing is the integrating theme throughout the design, provision of facilities and building operations
  • Occupants’ connectivity to the outside increased with floor-to-ceiling glazing and promotes activity within the space through easily accessed stairs
  • Active Commuter Support with enhanced cycling and shower facilities
  • Naturally lit workspace with a range of workplace and collaboration settings to cater for neurodiversity developed in collaboration with JPMC,
  • Best in class climate control and BMS to optimise building performance
  • Smart building technology to monitor and manage occupancy, particularly during peak times

Environmental impact

  • The building strives for environmental excellence in terms of design, construction and building operations
  • One of the first developments constructed under Planning Policy CDP 5 (Resource Efficiency) of the Glasgow City Development Plan, which sets strict energy efficiency and CO2 emission performance standards
  • The building targets BREEAM Excellent for Fit Out and WELL Gold Certification for Shell and Core by including several sustainability-focused features like efficient LED lights, responsibly sourced materials and minimised water consumption
  • The logistics plan includes reducing the number of off-site journeys, overall materials removed from the site and a target of 0% materials to landfill
  • Range of renewable energy systems to meet low carbon targets and drive towards carbon neutral operational outcomes
  • Increased biodiversity to an urban area with a range of plantings throughout the building

Social impact

  • Commitment from the contractor to provide vocational training opportunities, apprenticeships, and focus on local employment creation throughout the development
  • Where possible, the supply chain is secured as locally as possible
  • The site will create amenities for the local community through the revitalisation and animation at the ground level of what has been a derelict block for 25 years
  • Significant investment in improved lighting, public realm and public safety initiatives, including 24-hour CCTV

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