IKEA Middle East

Dubai, UAE

IKEA is one of the largest single regional distribution centres in Dubai South's Logistics District. Dubai South has a unique multimodal platform with a highly integrated and efficient sea, road and air network, which will accommodate Dubai's Expo 2020's exhibition district.

The new distribution centre aims to increase IKEA’s capacity to handle 70,000 twenty-foot equivalent units per year and will enable the company to deliver fast-moving products more efficiently to stores across the GCC.

Designed to NFPA and Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) requirements, IKEA required the building fire protection system to also comply with VDA (European Code for Fire), which resulted in the provision of in-rack sprinklers even though they are not requirements under NFPA and DCD.

Project summary

Project type: Build-to-suit logistics

Total sq footage: 1,200,000 ft2

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The result

The High Flow Distribution Centre for IKEA at Dubai South is designed as a strategic hub to serve the UAE and surrounding Gulf states. In the racking areas, there are eight levels of pallets; seven levels with 1,150mm high pallets and 1 top level with 2500mm high pallets. In the commissioning (or marshalling) areas, block-stacking will be carried out to a maximum of 3 pallets in height.

The gross internal areas include:

  • Chamber – one single-storey warehouse of 75,000 sq m
  • Chamber – two single-storey warehouses of 25,000 sq m
  • Four satellite offices included in the warehouse areas
  • Three-storey office accommodation of 2,500 sq m
  • Pallet pool area – 1,400 sq m
  • Service buildings – security and driver’s room etc.

The project was constructed over 11 months with a total of 1.5 million man-hours with zero incidents or accidents.

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