Honeywell RD Building

Abu Dhabi, UAE

The proposed project is an offices and warehouse facility which incorporates the highest design standards in the field, to secure provision of safe, efficient and uninterrupted operations.

The site has been developed with a primary user, Honeywell, located at the front of the site and a series of secondary users located at the rear. The plot will be developed in 2 phases following this approach.

The site arrangement follows the guidance as defined within the Plot Affection plan. This allows for a 30m building line setback from the Northwest proposed highway and a 10m setback from all other sides of the plot.

Project summary


Sector or building type: Build-to-suit office and warehouse facility

Total sq footage: 250,000 ft2

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Phase 1

The proposed building uses flow into each other from the South to the North of the site where the building reception is located on the plot setback corner. This allows for the greatest visibility, both from a building entrance perspective but also from a building signage point of view. The proposed building form for the Honeywell development can be divided into a number of key uses;

  • Building entrance, reception & client meeting spaces and open plan workspaces.
  • Building warehouse and ancillary/staff spaces.
  • Loading-bay and key mechanical, electrical plant.
  • Staff and visitor car park (located within the 30m setback zone)

The access road to the plot is located as per the Affection plan on the Southwest corner and will be utilised for all staff, visitors and goods vehicles. This access will be utilised for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 works.

Phase 2

The proposed development within Phase 2 is to be a series of warehouses, grouped together and located centrally. These are serviced via the perimeter with primary access along the southern boundary of the plot.

Architectural vision

The building forms have been developed to provide Honeywell with both a working series of office and presentation spaces and a warehouse for the primary purpose of assembly and testing of its core business.

The building forms have been derived to provide an environmentally conscious solution to the Middle East climate and this can be seen in the recessed East and west facades and the layering nature of the North and South façades. The warehouse façade follows the patterning of the office elevation with windows punctuating the insulated panels. Roof glazing is to be minimised to limit heat gain where possible.

The front portion of the building, housing the reception, ancillary office areas, meeting rooms, WCs, Prayer rooms, IT areas and staff spaces are designed as a simple concrete frame with a highly insulated façade system. The majority of the mechanical plant will be situated here.

The warehouse is designed as a steel large span frame with intermediate columns, this allows for a flexible working environment and a defined series of internal zones as required by the end user.

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