The phased works included the demolition of a three-storey IT block to construct a new front-of-house tower and a multi-storey car park to deliver an elegant and attractive office block lifted above a podium garden landscape.

  • Efficient single office block
  • Freestanding pavilion block reducing risk due to seismic collapse of adjacent buildings
  • Efficient layout with a single core and ‘doughnut’ circulation
  • Efficient external envelope
  • Excellent outlook and natural lighting to all workstation positions
  • Good linkage to phase 2 via landscaped podium
  • Parking efficiency utilising part ground floor reduces the need for excavation
  • Good access for semi-public facilities at lower ground and upper ground levels

Project summary

GDV: £30m

Project type: Build-to-suit office block with landscaped podium

Total sq footage: 300,000 ft2

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Lower ground floor plan: Training and amenities

  • Lower ground provides capacity for level pedestrian access adjacent to the branch
  • Vehicular drop-off and plaza branch and safety deposit
  • Training centre rooms afforded natural light from open light well to landscaped podium
  • Potential for direct access to training centre spaces from the street
  • Circa 76 car parking spaces with straightforward access for VIPs and visitors
  • There is scope for additional storage space, alleviating pressure on quality working spaces above
  • Plant and spaces requiring intensive servicing are adjacent to the core and loading bay
  • Service vehicles can navigate in forwarding gear

Upper ground floor: Main entry and amenities

  • The main reception on the upper ground floor has level and stepped access providing a prestige arrival sequence to the building
  • Client business centre and meeting spaces are accessed directly from reception at ground level and have a visual link to landscaped parkland podium setting
  • The restaurant occupies the southern part of the floor, opening onto the landscaped podium
  • The upper ground podium provides a landscaped perimeter space with public or semi-public pedestrian access in line with local planning parameters
  • The landscaped area provides potential for linkage to Phase 2, which could also be planned

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