Canalside Development

Dublin, Ireland

Our vision is to create a new benchmark for Dublin workplaces by designing a building that makes people want to travel to work and keeps them engaged longer and more productively while they are there. Our ambitious plans for this well-located redevelopment will provide 150,000 sq ft of new Grade A office space, incorporating the latest design measures in sustainability and staff amenities.

Post Covid–19, it is no longer a given that people’s natural workplace is the office. We have the opportunity with this building in both the hard and soft elements to make a case for the office. If we want to convince people to return to the office and stay at it, we must ensure they look forward to coming in every day. To create an end-to-end experience, they can look forward to excellent facilities to prepare for the day, an uplifting and inspiring environment to thrive in, access to fresh air and a community to be part of.

Keeping people engaged longer, more productively and enjoyably is one of our guiding principles for creating value in this asset. Its unique location, profile and size give us the canvas to do so. We aim to create a new benchmark for the workplace in Dublin, and we believe there is a unique opportunity to develop this alongside collaborators.

Project summary

Project type: Commercial co-working offices

Total sq footage: 150,000 ft2

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Sustainability measures

  • Design focused on energy performance, water efficiency and the quality of the indoor environment

  • Principles of the Low Carbon Design Initiative were adopted, reducing the carbon dioxide and carbon impact of the building

  • Energy production via a 40kW photovoltaic solar array

  • Sustainable materials that retain heat well
    incorporated into the double-skinned façades

  • Large windows allow for passive solar design elements used to distribute solar heat in the winter and reject it in the summer

  • Reduced water consumption, including rainwater harvesting, flow-saving devices and automated taps

  • Domestic Hot Water is generated using Heat Rejection from the cooling plant

  • Energy efficient LED recessed downlighters will be used throughout

  • The buildings exploit the optimal solar orientation

  • Inclusion of Heat Pump technology

  • Construction focus on responsible regionally-sourced materials with recycled content, plus an active minimisation of construction waste

Amenity highlights

  • Rotating and pop-up offerings including shops and convenience

  • Parcel lockers

  • Bike storage

  • Shower/Changing facilities

  • Gallery space for community artists

  • Bar and café space

  • Terraces

  • Flex/Co-working

  • Concierge service

  • Dry-cleaning drop off

  • Car parking

  • IT Support Desk/Genius Bar

  • Local discounts card

  • Meeting rooms

  • Events space and planning

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