TAP Air Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Our aim is to convey the potential of Lisbon Airport City’s first commercial building as a new home for TAP, other related businesses; and as a catalyst for subsequent stages of the development masterplan.

  • Generate investment from outside to improve TAP’s economic position
  • Cause a rebirth of culture and efficiency
  • Nurture talent through a safer, more secure and healthier environment
  • Generate economic benefit for the airport community, Lisbon and Portugal

As a centre for specialist work, learning, collaboration and hosting – TAP’s new headquarters will be flexible, dynamic and inspiring, to engage the existing workforce and attract new talent.

Project summary


Project type: Value add, mixed-use, development, speculative build and lease up

Total sq footage: 400,500 ft2

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Demonstrating environmental excellence

Designed to demonstrate and embody TAP’s environmental commitment, a distinctive environmental ‘wrapper’ controls solar gain and reduces the impact of airport noise. It connects with a landscaped square providing biodiverse planting and reflection pools that support water management.

Delivering a robust investment

An adaptable building is a robust investment. Floor spaces can be divided for sub-letting, while shared facilities such as the canteen, a medical centre and training and events spaces can be used by the whole airport community. Two primary cores allow for horizontal and vertical sub-division providing a wide range of letting parcel sizes to suit demand.

Creating a secure, yet welcoming experience

As a link between the airside and the public realm, the building is carefully configured to provide the necessary airside security infrastructure and measures required for TAP employees, tenants and the public.

Building trust through transparency

Training and safety will be front and centre of this new building. Flight simulators and cabin mockups within the arrival and public ground floor areas will engage building users and demonstrate TAP’s transparent approach to health and safety.